Rosa Lane

Tiller North
Rosa Lane's Tiller North takes us behind the walls of a fishing village in coastal Maine. With her insider's voice, Rosa Lane breaks the code of silence in her telling: secrets embedded within class, sexual identity, familial relationships, death, and rebirth. "I once said I would not look back," Lane tells us toward the end of Tiller North, but how grateful we are that she has, opening a world for us....Lane makes us see it, with one stunning image after another.  From the ghost of a horse in a collapsed barn to her father who "stitches the backyard" when he returns from death as a hummingbird, the poems are so richly observed that by the end, all we want is to look back, again and again.
--Publisher, Sixteen Rivers Press

Tiller North ends with the word sing, a final act in a volume of poems that narrates sorrows and pays tribute to the Maine people Rosa Lane comes from. She offers scenes looked over carefully, as everyone takes their place at the table. She tells of making it through a sense of unbelonging, imprinted by rejection based on class and cut-off dreams mitigated by fierce love, hard work, and constant relation to family, place, and the rules of the season.
--Beatrix Gates, author of Dos and In the Open
Sixteen Rivers Press
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Small Press Distribution
Released April 2016 ~ Winner 2014 Sixteen Rivers Press Poetry Competition

**Tiller North wins the 11th Annual 2017 National Indie Excellence Award in Poetry. See "News" page for more...

**5-Poem Excerpt from Tiller North wins the 2017 Maine Literary
Award for Poetry Short Works.